There are friends that make you feel so well loved and hosted, you keep receiving so much blessings from them.

There are times where also friends seems to come only during troubles to seek for help, and when they are doing well they enjoy themselves out there.

I dunno why, but at this time right now I felt being used by my friends. My concerns and love and extend of warmth seems to be taken for granted, maybe not in an extreme fashion, but it's just probably certain expectation of return in friendship wasn't met.

What's friendship? What's love and giving about? I have heard preaching of these topics so many times, but it's a different thing to internalize these knowledge into my heart. Sometimes I can't help but to feel neglected by people closest to me, high likely because the closer they are, the more I want from them. We shouldn't place expectation on our friends isn't it.. This will place burdens on their shoulders. But sometimes u know, you just hope they will include you more when they hang out, they will not just say thank you only, they won't just be close when there are problems, they won't just treat you in this manner.

I'm just being grumpy. There's nobody that done anything wrong. And probably it's just that I desire for a perfect relationship and putting my focus on the wrong place. All human r/s are flawed, and I should learn to accept that, not to compromise my pursue thou, but to sustain these flawed r/s with a perfect rule of love from God.

At the end of this post, there's something for me to learn. My eyes shall set on God alone, and I shall serve to bless. It is more blessed to give than to receive, oh lord please help me to understand that further. I need you father in so many ways. There are plentiful of things I will like to achieve, not for my glory, but that I believe these can come to a pass because I have you with me. Help me to overcome my weaknesses, allow me to expand my strength. Grow me and help me to become the salt and light you called me to be, just as u are a victorious king, I am called to live a victorious life! As you willed!


Genesis Jorris 9:31:00 PM

This is purely a concept I had myself to describe woman's evolution over the ages. And the process of a blooming flower is used to, in this case, exemplify the details.

At the age of 12 - 16, this is where the flower bud has just develop. Many are curious what it will turn out to be, but nobody knows. Sometimes you will think its pretty "ku-ku" with the way they dress, and furthermore they will think they are dressed up pretty modern, cause the fact is they are so "wrapped up" within themselves that their fashion sense is basically not credible. Maybe one in many might just get it right. So it's always good if the mother or sister or auntie gets the clothes instead, and yeah, provided they have good fashion sense too.

By the age of 17-24, the little bud starts to bloom but yet fully, you can see cleavages of beauty in its dainty sight, and by now the colors are pretty balance, and the shape grown sharper. This is the time u tot that this is it, this is the time of my life! U will tot this is where you're most beautiful, because hey, youth is really expensive and precious. But you never knows. Yet well, the bees like to hide in the hollows of these yet fully matured flowers, picking on their honeys and quickly buzzing off. This is what you call the party age.

The golden age of 25-35, the flower blooms to its boldness, with well-mature strikes of colors and tender layers. The springs of beauty found in its youth is still capture in it, but with a touch of depth and bewilderment. You will melt at its sight because of the strong character each of them holds, according to your preference. This is where you start to attracts butterflies instead, who comes and compliments your beauty with theirs. When merged together, you both form the perfect combination. Beauty diffuses from your stigma, the core of your personality. You are not only pretty in the eyes, but also to the mind. It don't just take a look to remember you, but the encounter of you will creates deep impression.

When it comes to 36-45, your zest becomes brittle and your dresses rots. Your color starts to darken and grow dull, you seemingly grow to become an introvert. You shuns the crowd and ignores the topics, you are in your own world ready to write the end of the chapter. You have enjoyed your moments with the butterflies and there's no more regrets after your golden age. You shed off your diffuser and switches all for inner beauty. You have seen enough and want peace and your own life. You don't need anything more but a certainty of who you are.

It's more than 45 years now, and you decide to take all that you have and close urself up, enjoying the essence of what you received within the world you built. The flower may seems by now fully dried and you won't take a look at it again, but then it had been through its seasons of getting all the attention it wants. By this point, flowers are no longer flowers but they continue to live their heart in the vines to let their beauty continues in their offsprings.

Woman. Beauty may seems short-lived. But the truth is, beauty is always in a woman. You just got to find out which stage it is at.

Genesis Jorris 5:49:00 PM

Kind of just want to renew my blog and here I am.

I have forgotten all the codings and how in the world I knew them in the first place, like if I learnt them before. But well, technology had been moving fast and now blogger have an app and I don't have to go back to a pc to splash some tots.i guess friends no longer read my posts anymore, since its a dead blog I suppose? But anyway... Felt like just speaking into the space... God I need some space...

Many things seems to have took place since 2010. A great saga in my spiritual life, quite major stabilizing for my career, learning about the importance of family, getting my perspectives wider and possibly, clearer? I would say it had been a better now than then, probably I just have to learn to be contented. Yet though, some old problems are still there, they are like leeches that never let go. Sucking my blood and if I were to flick them away my skin will just get tear apart, leaving me bleeding profusely. What to do? Lazy bones always get in my way and till now some of my to do list still don't get strike off. I felt like a failure sometimes, and maybe more certain times.

Just tot abt talking of people. I find it really an intricate topic that one can discuss for a lifetime. Humans, are so complicated, or is it actually simple but humans complicate things? Or that just show humans are complicated because we are always complicating? Lol. I hope you are feeling complicated now. It's quite a sadist I would say I am for I find it hard to find a true friend. I find it so hard nowadays to know what my closest buddy is thinking about, or to trust someone that seems so righteous and good. I find that I have no friends after all, and my benchmark for that is just for the person to be able to understand me, and we can be comfortable with everything under the sun. I know it's hard to find many, but surely there can be one? I tot there's one at least, but recently I start to realise I don't really know her that much. I tot I knew another guy well, until the disguise was seen through and I'm now afraid of him becos I do not know who is he anymore. Humans seems scary. People advise me not to be so self centered and stuffs. Open myself up to make friends. It's my own fault if I fall. Cause I didn't fellowship. I find the truth that was taught to me very scary. I'm starting to be confused at the credibility of it as well. Yes.

Anyway.. My temper grew bad and my self discipline ain't getting better too. I'm quite petty as well, to think I'm getting upset over the diet plan because I'm not losing fast enough. I want to win! I want to lose fast! But facts doesn't goes with it and I'm unhappy. Bad bad bad. I look at myself with judgement becos I kind of look down on the manner I'm doing things and taking care of my own life. Please god, if you can just help me, even as now I'm so filled with unbelief, like the bible, I hope u can help me overcome my unbelief and help me to trust in you for things I want to be victorious for. I recognize the fact that I can't do any of these by my own. Now please help me to depend on you to which you can achieve all of it.

Life is going through a tough dilemma and moulding of tots. I need a clear mind and to be able to tell what's right and wrong.

Genesis Jorris 10:36:00 PM

Claiming your promises: Ask and it will be given.

Bless me with a job by the end of next week.
Provide me with insights of what your abundant wisdom has to speak of my life.
Rebuke and correct and guide me in my weaknesses.
Have mercy on me on my laziness, prompt me with your spirit to be disciplined.
Refresh me daily with new knowledge and understanding.
Captivate me with your beauty and everlasting love.
Drown me with spiritual encounters of your miracles and works.
Indulge me in the lessons to be learnt in your wonderful word.
Save me from my despicable sins as you raise me in my self awareness.
Touch me with your sweet spirit and swallow me like never before.
Embrace me with your comfort where I will find peace from the hurts and pain.
Strengthen me to fight against the evils and lead what you have called me.
Make me your honoring leader to bring these people to the next level you have planned.
Anoint me and sustain me to grow in spiritual statue as well as credibility.
I want to know you more.
I need you alot.

Genesis Jorris 1:12:00 AM




I need to build myself everyday with your spirit of strength and courage.

Only because this is your cause,
that's why I held on tight.

Genesis Jorris 1:21:00 AM

Just be you.
You are precious.
And yes, He said you are worthy.
Because He loves you.
You may find yourself filthy,
drowned in the despicables.
But all you need to do is to accept,
the fact that He loves you.

You can rejoice, smile, laugh, cry.
You may jump into the crowd and make a fool of yourself.
You could have make a mess in your life.
You may be condemning yourself in guilt and shame.

But don't you know He says, it's alright?
Turn away from your ways and come to me, I'll give you rest.

Love indeed,
shall surpasses all.
He is enough to sustain.

God is building depth.

Genesis Jorris 2:00:00 AM

mian dui mian zuo zhe
yan shen bu xie yi gu
ji chu de xiao rong
kan qi lai hao tu wu
wo zou cuo yi bu
zhui ru wan zhang shen gu

hai shi hui xiang qi
ni de huang tang hu tu
zhen gang ci zai xin shang
xie liu yi ru zhu
bei pan le xing fu
na ai dang du zhu

(M) ceng ba gan qing fang zhu
(W) he shi neng jie shu
(M) yu dao ni wo xiang ting zhi you mu
(W) rang ai gui zhen fan pu

(T): piao bo hui luo mu
cheng nuo shuo de na me ming xin ke gu

(M) ni de yan lei rang wo wu zhu
(W) ni dong bu dong wo wei ai ren ru
(W) nu li xue xi kuan shu
(M): yuan liang na cuo wu
(W) bu gan wo men de ai si zai ban tu

(M) ting jian ni de xin hai zai ku
(W) yi wang bu ji tong man yan su du
xi wang ni neng jue wu
(M) wo zhen de ling wu

T: shang kou man man yu he
zai bei ai bao fu

Genesis Jorris 1:16:00 PM

There is a time for Everything - Ecclesiates 3

It might be God's will that I happen to see this on a passing blog.
Indeed that there will be a time for everything.

A time where we're born,
A time where it's time to pass away.

A time to build,
A time to tear down what's left behind.

A time for laughter,
A time for tears and weeping.

A time to persevere and keep searching,
A time to give up and say NO.

There will be limits in the things we do and the way we act.
The determining difference tells our maturity.

Am I learning?

Genesis Jorris 1:06:00 AM

Hmm. Super long since I posted anything.

Maybe majority might thought that I've ended this blog.


Was reminded about my last year impossible Birthday wish by a brother, so here I am evaluating it. And to post up my new birthday wishlist 2010! ha.

This was what I mention last year.....

1. Macbook Pro 17" - Not achievable as yet
2. 3G iphone - Got something better: 3Gs!
3. 15.1 Megapixels Canon Camera - Found something better: iphone applications can take nice photos too. I don't need a professional camera. Heh.
4. GUESSTM Spectacles plus 1 year supply of daily color contact lenses - Got one from Dior instead! And oh yeah, I've got my supplies of color contact lenses, in a way, enough to last for 2010 weekends. heh.
5. Topshop Shirt: White in pale blue strips - Might have lose interest in it? lol.
6. HP 4 in one Printer - Macbook more important. keke.
7. DKNY Green Apple Perfume - I got it!
8. Makeover for SKIN & HAIR - Yes for my hair! And for skin? I think I don't need it. lol.
9. My Own ROOM - Under persuasion... heh heh...
10. SketchBook from ART Friend; earth friendly series - I got it!
11. Fine Dining by Esplanade, 3rd Floor - I went for other better fine dining? keke.
12. A JOB with GOOD Pay, GOOD Location, GOOD Flexibility, GOOD working environment - I got all that, except for one thing: A JOB that I enjoy. =) So now Im looking for another!
13. Prince Charming. LOL - This one, must wait... hahaha.
14. Slimming Centre Treats (Jean Yip be good) - I think not realistic, so... I will look into exercising. wahaha.
15. Semi-formal Long Blazor - MUST HAVE BUT DON'T HAVE YET.
16. Whole M.A.C makeup series plus makeup box - Eh, I manage to get other stuffs but much cheaper yet good as well? keke.
17. An Oversea trip to Korea! - OOOOOOOOO IF I CAN!
18. SURPRISES (like doing things that can really surprise me and touch me to tears. ha.) - Nobody has yet done so. hmm. haa..
19. Spiritual Breakthrough! (Only God can answer this!) - Thank You, Father. =)
20. Friends Forever =) - Thanks buddies, you guys are still there!

And here comes the 2010 Wishlist! (May sound more like To-Do List. ha)

1. PSPT Unison: Support, Love, Go the Extra Mile.
2. A Desirable Job: On top of a job with good pay, good location, good environment, I want a job that I enjoy doing.
3. A Spiritual Buddy.
4. Deep and Spiritual Friendships. Mended friendships that I loses along the way. My friend, Joella? My friend, Lennon? My friend, Edmund? My friend, Jason.. Randall.. Jasmine.. Shawn.
5. Family Salvation
6. Macbook Pro - As usual (I won't quit till I get mine!)
7. Wisdom and Character Maturity
8. Further Studies - Event Management
9. Clear Study Loan (CPF and cash loans)
10. New set of Office wears for my Wardrobe (Gear up for the new start!)
11. Prince Charming - Okay, Still waiting. LOL.
12. Surprises!
13. Leadership Development (Speech, Relations, Credibility)
14. Polydins Ministry Growth - Volunteers that serve out of a heart for God!
15. Sheep's growth =)
16. Experiencing Nature, Maybe an oversea trip, with people that appreciate it with me.
17. Sabbath
18. New Hairstyle? Again? Lol.
19. Slim Down lar.
20. Everything above to come to a past!

Genesis Jorris 2:39:00 PM

Been quite a while since I post.
Things had been really hectic.
The last time I blog was probably somewhere near SEED2010.
Many things took place ever since then.
I learnt many things, humbled by many things, experience many things.

Challenged to my limits like never before.
I took on the role to lead PSPT, ain't an easy task.
Faces many setbacks, my inadequacies.
With ongoing easter, post-easter, conference, May and June ESS,
never really had a break.

I thank God he never fail to sustain me with spiritual support.
My shepherd who gives me good advices.
The new DMM who provides strong and biblical friendships.
My old cliches who brings joy and laughter.
These people, God use them to lift me up.

On top of all these, with the stress coming from my work.
It's indeed unbearable.
Considering to continue and expand myself to serve more,
I can't imagine as yet.
Definitely not about whether am I capable,
because Im not living on my own strength even now.

Need more of his strengthening in order to continue without burning out.
Need to grow in my character, spiritual statue and my attitude.
I need a good rest.
A good get-away.

Anyone? =)

At the end of the day, I will still say I have no regrets in following Jesus.
I will do you proud.

Genesis Jorris 4:55:00 AM

I may still be unsure.
Uncertain of what's ahead.
It's fine if it's only me.
But God there's a flock of innocent sheeps following me.
Need guidance.
I heard you last night.
Your word overwhelms me.
My hands can't stop writing.
Your plans and insights that pours over me.
Yet again I panick.
I doubted.
I question myself of whether did God really speaks?
Eve doubted.
The devil asked: Are you sure God told you not to eat the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden?
She knew the answer.
But yet she was deceived and followed the wrong track.
Yes God I shall not be fool.
Be confident.
Stride ahead.
You will lead me and guide me whereever I go.
You will prosper me.
For you've called me.

Genesis Jorris 7:52:00 PM

God's Vision.

I will like to testify to something powerful that God has done in my life, and will continue to make a difference in my everyday walk with the spirit.

In about a year and a half ago, I was called from my pastoral leadership role in SP Unit, to pioneer the polydins programming team together with a few other amateurs. We were unfamiliar with our roles, the only thing that we had is a calling and a heart that wants to obey God.

With totally no ministry background or exposure to programming, I am even unsure of what I want to contribute to the team, and what I can give. I take up the option to lead Teamhope in Polydins service, and sooner I venture into pioneering an image team. When I was prompted for any vision or goal in PSPT, I shared briefly to my leader that I have a blur vision in my heart towards event programming, but am unsure of how I am going to explore in this area. I simply focus on doing what God intends to do in these ministries that He have called me to lead.

The one whole year of moulding and training was a difficult phase for me, but I thank God for the breaking down of pride and bitterness, correction of wrong mindsets as well as injecting a Godly vision and heart for His church. I gradually grow in my purpose and direction, things became different. I experience breakthrough in my emotions, growth in my love for people and victories in where ever I go. And the most amazing thing is, I discover God's plan for me and how he shaped my path and guide me towards His vision for my life.

Placing me in teamhope builds my connection and relationship with people, I learnt the orientation of floor management and the basic structure of physical support for programming. Image exposes me to all the backstage experiences that helps me to learn from multiple ministries that are involve in the preparation of events. When I start to piece the bits and pieces that God brought me through, I can't help but to be amazed by how well He knows me, and plan in detail for my well-being. God is indeed good.

Right now, God has direct me to greater opportunities to explore event programming. The regular role as a stage manager for polydins service, as well as the chance of stage managing for Easter Service 2010. I am glad as well I can be involve to lead special services coming up in the year 2010, and to participate actively as an event programmer for polydins service. Yet the most important thing of all that drives the passion is a Godly vision. Cling on to God's promise and persevere through His preparation stage, and surely His vision for you will come to a pass.

Much more breakthroughs and moulding of my character to be done, much more of God's work to come in my life. Thank Him!

Genesis Jorris 12:43:00 AM

He is in my veins.
I can feel Him.
The joy of the Lord,
within my soul.
I dance with my feets,
I sing with my lips.
I may be like a fool,
but my heart goes out for my God.
He is good.
He is all-powerful.
The air I breathe He provide,
the land I stepped He made.
My creator.
My provider.
He may be great,
but He is close to the poor.
No status difference,
He loves all.
God is good.

Genesis Jorris 5:35:00 PM

Dear Father,

My body is lethargic, the energy consumption is overwhelming, I am tired. I can feel the strain in my eyes, like if the blood vessels are struggling to break free. Blood shot eyes, that's the way to term it. The muscles are aching, it's hard to explain the tension on my back, but one thing I know, it's distracting my focus for work. At such a point of time, I will long for a good rest on my bed, relieve my muscles to help them to relax? Close my eyes and have a good few hours of sleep, that will pacify those veins that's showing up to protest.

Circumstances do not allow so, usually.

Furthermore I know, this is only the beginning! The toil of the year is starting to creep into my life. I can taste the hardship, just by a little, and I know it's going to be a challenging year. The brainstorming for camp is exhausting, being inexperience with the new role some more, I would have break down probably, if it hadn't, been you. So many times I thought in my mind, how am I going to be able to do all these? Plus, there's still much other roles coming up, this camp involvement, is just one tiny-miny part of it. I feel so weak, in fact, I am weak. My limitations is like multiplying, or rather revealing themselves bit by bit along the way when I am expose to more tasks and responsibilities. I ask again! How am I going to do this?

Got to admit, fear do grip me. I am afraid I am unable to handle all these that had been assigned to me. Im afraid one day I might just give it up cause it's really so hard.

I remember, that you said nothing is impossible with You. Yes indeed all these can be overcome together with You, because you made me an overcomer. My fear, most likely comes from my insecurity in You. Where's my faith? That faith where I believe you can move mountains and walk on water.

I need to pray. I need that assurance in your word. I need Your still, small voice that brings comfort and direction to my life. God strengthen my heart, my soul, my body. Help me to grow in my faith in You. There isn't a need to pray for more power for your power is as high as the mountains and as deep as the oceans. What I need, is that faith to believe in that power you possess. Help me to build my security in you with your promises, your word of truth that brings life. Help me to experience your spirit and give me a listening ear for your voice. I need you. I can't do my life without you.

You are my strength
Strength like no other
Strength like no other
Reaches to me

You are my hope
Hope like no other
Hope like no other
Reaches to me

In the fullness of your grace
In the power of your name
You are my God
You are my God

Unfailing love
Stronger than mountains
Deeper than Oceans
Reaches to me

Your Love Oh Lord
Reaches to the heavens
Your Faithfulness
Reaches to the skies

I don't want to be distant from You. I want to be close to You. I want to do my life with You. I don't want to depart again from Your word and experience life that's without You again, which soon I will be in despair as life without You would have been difficult, and meaningless. I don't want to be neglecting You in my life, thinking that I can make it through in that period but soon after I realize there's nothing I can do without You. It's different. Life with You is just different. I want to feel You constantly everywhere I go. I know you're there, but it's me, I got to learn to live together with your spirit, to be aware of your presence, to be in joy that the Lord is with me at all times.

My love for you is incomparable to your love for me. Who am I? What have I ever done to deserve what you're doing for me?

I could only say, God you are good.

Be patient with me, I need your grace and mercy.


Genesis Jorris 10:25:00 AM


So here I arrive, to the end of the year 2009.
And here I am to receive, 2010.

Something to look into for the coming year..

Not success.
Not increments.
Not raising of status and role.

It's character.
It's when nobody is looking, who I really am in the eyes of God.
It's when nobody affirm, nobody notice.
But integrity, person-hood, personality.
Something that pleases not human, but God.

It's the little things that I do.
The allowance of the spirit to lead my decision making.
The strength in overcoming temptations and rash decisions.
Being rational and calm.

It's discipline.
My spendings, my finance management.

It's self-awareness.
Admitting my wrongs when I am in the wrong.
It's willingness to humble down for correction, rebuking.
It's being more aware of why I do what I do.

The year of self-preparation. Growth of the inner being.

Genesis Jorris 12:11:00 PM

Isaiah 40:31
But they that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

For 2 weeks,
in and out I went into the hospital.
At certain point of time,
I did felt like it's the end of time.
But well,
seems like God is telling me, it's yet to be.

For those who are not aware,
I am born with epilepsy,
an incurable illness related to my nerve system.
I could only depend on daily medicine to control the seizures,
and at any time of my relapse,
upon carelessness, I am just pass away.

It caught me unaware,
and this time round, thank God I was discovered.
The repeated seizures caused damage to my brain,
I awake with lost memories,
migraine, high blood pressure, dizziness, nauseousness.
The encounter was frightening,
it seizes my throat, choking my faith in Him.

More came along.
The responsibilities in church ministries come tumbling down.
Problems arise, and they choses to come at this point of time.
More issues to coordinate and manage.
I was nearly out of breath.
For a person who already have difficulties remembering names,
it became harder to continue bearing the burden.

Just when things become so frustrating,
and my Migraine creeps upon my head causing more pain,
in a song, God speaks "wait on me"
So I waited, and then it sang:

"I close my eyes, and I see your face.. Oh won't you give me strength, to make it through somehow."

And there I know it is God telling me. Ask Him. Ask Him for His strength.
It is Him. Ask Him for His strength to make it through!

And thereafter, He confirm His message with a verse for me as above.

So I did say, when I am weak, then I am strong.
He helped me to understand this a little more. =)

Genesis Jorris 12:50:00 PM

There were times I lost my footing,
I trip and fall, and there I turn myself up.
With the wide blue sky staring back into my eyes,
I curse and swear at times for which why?
I stood up and swept the dust from my feet,
never did I saw the edge of that porcelain beneath Your hands.

Bleeding weren't you, at the heart of Your palm,
but the pain pierces through, at the bottom of Your heart.
My failures had failed, Your unfailing love,
yet never once had You, failed to return.
My deeds are overwhelming, I can't catch my breath
But Yours overflowing, forgive me not?

You lead me not, to the joyous ground
But there You placed me in my painful truth
You saw the light beyond the tunnel,
You forgave those times, Why me, my Lord?
It is You the One, that I will depend
For who shall I seek, but You who loves...

In other eyes, there's nothing that cure
But through Your grace and power, You make me possible
My change I credit, only to You
Even now I'm a sinful man, because of You could I stand
Not to dwell in my wilderness, no more
Guide me with Your spirit, lead me to Your light

Here I uphold to You:
My Family
My Ministry
My Caregroup
My Close Friends
My Career
My Colleagues
My Character

Genesis Jorris 4:49:00 PM

I can be in fear,
but I know that I shall not be afraid.

Life is fragile
Human hearts are weak
People stumble and fall
They live and pass away

What's that install for me, my Lord?
Nothing am I,
only to please you.

Learning. And much to discover.

And I know you're at work
Reconciliation, only possible by You.
They may not understand,
but what that matters is You and I.

And in my heart I do somewhat forget at times,
but yet I recall and repent,
You are the One.

Genesis Jorris 10:07:00 AM

Repent sinners,
only then can you have life.

It's mind-blowing.
Hard to swallow.
Yet truth will set me free,
even if it the facts are heart-piercing.

Accept the feedbacks.
It doesn't matter how others think about you.
It is not about how embarrassing and upsetting the matter is about.
The truth is,
if you're in the wrong and there's a need to change,
you make the effort to change and grow out from it.

Stop putting the blame on others,
stop self-pitying and asking why.
It may not be an angel's act,
but it in fact is a conscious act of irresponsbility:
Bear your faults, do not shrink the burden.

More effort.
More self-awareness.
More transformation.

To glorify God, I got to start with the little things of my life.
To do greater things, the basics got to be fix.
Stop ignoring these areas, because in your heart, you know them well.
You can never enter the gates of heaven,
unless you've walked through the narrow gate.

Learn from mistakes,
change for the better.
Win their respect once again,
build the relationship that had been forego.
Regretting what you've done in the past is not enough,
you got to learn to do something good now and thereafter.
It will be recovered,
now it's a test of faith and discipline.
Humble yourself to taste the hardship,
accept it and move on.

Yet another test,
to praise Him.

Genesis Jorris 4:11:00 PM

A broken and conflicted heart,
O God, thou shall not despise.
When I face these adversities,
I look upon my weaknesses and found myself in shame.
I struggle and fall apart against these judgement,
I cannot contain.
The pain pierces through my heart.
How in a world would someone so close, yet someone so far?
I don't understand.
O God, lead my questions to peace.

Genesis Jorris 10:13:00 AM


Looking at the path that I've crossed many,
the road that I've walked plenty,
it's definitely an unexpected phase of my life,
definitely not one that I expect 4 years ago.

Walking with God, is enriching.
And for the past 4 years and a little?
I've experience life far beyond what I had, before.
The journey with Him is breath-taking,
you have to taste it with your own bud to know what I mean.

The decision to come to know God,
is definitely worthwhile and the best so far.
Reflecting upon my past, my present, and my future,
I cannot imagine my life, without Him.
Perhaps you may say I am not independent,
but I got to admit I can't live without God.

Imagine this -

Without God, I will lose the purpose in working:
Working becomes a chore.
Working becomes a mundane thing.
I may just work for the sake of money and status.
At the end of the day I will only question why?

Without God, I will have indulge in sinful life habits:
I might have pursue relationships that do not last.
I will never understand what's love all about,
maybe I'll develop my own philosophy of love.

Without God, I could never see the value of my family:
The one whom He chose to put me in her womb,
how precious is she who is pregnant with me for 10 months.
The conflicts, the quarrels and the disagreements,
I would have gave up and soaked in bitterness,
if it hadn't been God who melted my heart.

Without God, I could never find myself:
Who I really am, what's my identity?
I may continue to fight so hard to gain popularity.
I would continue to strive so hard for the sake of nothing.
I would have ignore the fact that I am the daughter of God.

God put me in this unexpected journey,
one that I anticipate.
It's not a bed of roses, definitely.
But surely it is one that is rewarding. Have you embarked on yours? =)

God is Good.

Genesis Jorris 10:46:00 AM

So you've heard of the Mega from Macdonalds?
I bet you didn't know, the Mega of Ushers came in all the way before Mac brought in theirs.
And once again! We are launching our new Mega..
Even more Mega than ever, the Usher Mega CAMP!
I am so glad that people are excited for the camp,
and I believe that God is gonna rock our camp on 31st October!
It just so happens that it's on halloween, we didn't plan it to be in the first place. Ha.
It's gonna be exciting.
Ushers gonna have a taste of what's the real camping is all about...
We're staying in tents!
Hey hey, it's not that we don't have the money to stay in chalets..
I hope you do know that renting tents ain't any cheaper than bungalows huh!
Furthermore, we're getting 8 6-men tents in total,
with battery lamps and huge mats to watch the stars in the sky...
BBQ you name it all,
we're having steaks and bacon with golden needle mushrooms. (The highlights!)
And morning devotion in our teams...
Won't that be great? Coming together to pray and seek the Lord?
Not forgetting Praise and worship, BY THE BEACH!
It's going to be a great time exalting God in the utmost nature of Singapore.
We're having creative learning together yea?
Learning values of Ushers via a Mega game that's gonna involve us traveling from the east to town area! Running around, overcoming challenging stations, won't that be great!
Appreciation Night in the evening after buffet dinner.
Great time to appreciate each other =)
In good mood now.

Genesis Jorris 3:03:00 PM

All the way from Jurong East, Jorris Ng scored another 3-pointer!

And home-run woohoo~

Some crazy things happen yesterday,
and there were Abigail, Liping, Joycelyn, Jess, Joleen, Bingquan, Daniel among the few.
We proceeded to the basketball court to burn some fats,
after our sinful steamboat at Jobb's place.

A madness MBA wanna-bes team compete against each other.
And some highlights were:

1. Ball rolled into the BIG drain with Bingquan rescuing it. His heroic jump off the drain bars were awesome and "shuai dai le". The rest were still trying to look for a torchlight.

2. Daniel performed his butt dance halfway in the match to feature his calm style of playing basketball. Unfortunately, age got on his way and he nearly sprained his butt. Limping on the way home after the match at 9.30pm.

3. Liping the silent killer performed her splendid shot at a crucial point of the match. With much oppression against her way, she manage to got the ball into the net.

4. Meihwa was defeated by Jorris's animated defense and got her ball snatched off! LOL.

5. Joleen performed her accurate shooting skills during the match countless time and impress many. She was the black horse of the day.

6. Jess displayed her graceful dance steps even in the midst of playing basketball. Trust me, there was not a time where time slowed down, but when the ball came near her, her graceful steps automatically slow down the game like if you're slowing down a basketball video.

7. Bingquan fake his way throughout the game by performing splendid layouts when he keep saying he can't. The bluffer.

8. Not forgetting our star player of the day, Joycelyn Sim, as usual, amazed us with her graceful and power shots throughout the entire game. She manage to hit the board from half the court. All thanks to the prata training.

I love PSPT. lol.

Genesis Jorris 4:08:00 PM

A life of Choice Versus A life of Calling.

The crux of the topic lies in:
Whether at the end of the day, your life be nailed to regrets, or fulfillment.

You need to know where you're heading.
You need to be clear of who's your leader.
There's a freedom in life, yes there is.
But a small mistake can results in a lifetime of agony.
The worst thing that can happen, is when you don't even know.

Do you choose the life you want?
Or do you live a life that's suppose to be the way it is to be?

Will it be at the end of the day,
laughters, joy, smiles, if you get what you want all the time?
Or will it be at the end of the day,
you've taste the bitterness of the life that you are called to lead,
but you too taste the sweetness that's really meant to be.

Lead a life for Jesus.

Genesis Jorris 11:16:00 AM

Pride may lift you high
Yet it drains your life


It's not only about leading your life with your head lifted high
Putting others down does not make you exceptional
It only magnifies your insecurity and lack of confidence

It's because you're worried that others are better than you
Therefore, all the more you put in much effort to suck their confidence in themselves

A confident man walks in humility
His speech is encouraging, affirming, inspiring
The presence of his confidence is alluring
You can't stop yourself from fixing your eyes on him
He is attractive, beyond physical measure

Confidence is meant to lift others up together with you
and not to make others feel that they are insignficant, small, pathetic
God created confidence in man to support one another
And not, for the sake of competition that suffocates the soul of the being.

It is a depressing confession that in this secular world
Many do not understand

Let's be confident stewards of the Lord
To be filled by the confidence in Christ Jesus alone.

Genesis Jorris 4:53:00 PM

Growing up as a 20 something.

Things are becoming different.

Wider perspectives.
More responsibilities.
Greater burden.
Perhaps more opportunities.

I can be "crazy" at times,
mixing around with the young
Yes I am young still,
but things becoming, different.

You will know it in your heart.
You grow with time,
you age in your experiences.
It's a process of maturity.

The way reactions burst out from me,
are no longer the "over-the-top" expressions and rash decisions.
Sometimes in the past things just came bubbling out,
Im guessing some of you know what that means.
Perhaps because after being through more things in life,
you don't react in that way anymore.
You tend to stay calm? Nothing can't be solve. Chill.

Growth is so amazing.
and Growing is even more amazing.
The way our physical body age with time is marvellous,
somehow can't understand within years how can all these changes happen.
And the way the mind and soul age is powerful.
But the difference is,

Physical body age to frail your soul.
Your Mental body age to strengthen your body.

How amazing,
is God's creation. =)

Genesis Jorris 11:27:00 AM






Genesis Jorris 2:13:00 PM

Pacing. Panting. Pacing. Panting.
Brushes through.
Can't see a thing.
Freaks me.
Yet beautiful.
Stop. Look. Stop. Look.
Something's hidden.
Pause and think.
Beneath the random abstraction
There's a blossom soul.

Genesis Jorris 4:36:00 PM

As you have spoken in Genesis 9:13,
I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.

Even when the storms are intimidating,
the wind got into my eyes,
the rain caused my blurry vision.
I may be shivering,
all alone perhaps with the ice-cold raindrops falling on my head.
Perhaps I am so afraid,
uncertain whether can I reach the other end,
without giving up on this tough journey.
The cars at the side that's going the opposite direction,
and I do sometimes have a thought of jumping into one,
and just get back to where I came from,
at least I will know where I'm going, than aimlessly heading for something,
that I have not seen, in this cold wide storm.
The thunder scream into my ears,
sometimes I do get a shocked,
I do feel like crying.

It's not easy.

But yet when I recall,
that I'm heading for your rainbow after the storm.

I know, it's worth it.
Your covenant, I pursue. This race, I'm gonna run.

Genesis Jorris 5:38:00 PM

Live to Please God Alone.

So many things
So many thoughts
Circumstances just won't budge
Keep coming, like a rushing wind
It's blowing sand into my eyes
Irritating, painful

It is a time that you must learn to live
and please God alone

You, only You I will serve.

Genesis Jorris 2:01:00 PM

It is really a time that I don't even know how to put into words anymore, God I know that this is something that I must learn and grow and overcome. Challenges, so many of them, coming in my way, like they are about to attack me. I am in great fear, am uncertain of what to do, am so stretched with my own limitations, am so desperate. God I need you. God I really need you. This is a time that God I know I can't do it without you. Many things happening, I need to focus on you.. I need to depend on you.. I need to draw strength from you.. I need to ask for your assistance in my life.. I need you to build me up!

God, as I faces all these things in my life, I ask of you to bring me through.
Please bless the circumstances in my life. Help me to be able to learn from what you are putting me through, that every single incident surely have something install for me to apply in the future. Please guide me oh Lord, I am young and ignorant, I need your wisdom and knowledge in order to know what's right and what's wrong, take me to the correct path and not let me wander off in my own decisions. Forgive me if I disobey or have ignore your directions. God I need you to be my leader, to lead me into your promise land and not let me continue to roam around the desert.

Father I need your presence, I need your spirit. I need you to bring comfort to my insignificant soul. I am trembling in fear, let your spirit calm me, let your spirit bring stillness in my heart. God I want to reside in you, God I want to stay within your embrace. Not let me get too far away from your covering, but let me remain in you forever as it can be.

Genesis Jorris 3:26:00 PM

And the care group turned out to be awesome.
Well at least, I knew that it weren't because of me, it was God.
And I am glad that God filled us with His spirit, in our care group.

Facing a challenge, and a privilege.
I am both honored and in fear.
There is a winding road that I am about to take,
from far I see the storms and obstacles that's coming against me.
I am in fear, that's indeed.
I am worrying, for I am not sure do I have the innate stability to hold on.

Will I survive?
Will I honor the Lord?
Will I pass the test?
Will I reach the promise Land?
Will I...

I made a prayer in my heart during altar call..
I told God, I want to be use by you.
Let me be your vessel.
I know, who am I? But God if I found favor in your eyes, use me.
I am willing.

I am willing, though I am uncertain of will I be able to overcome.
The only thing that I know, is that you're the overcomer of all things.
Let me stay close with you and not depart from your word,
surely you will pull me through.

I am barely on the edge,
but you are barely off the edge.

You are my God.

Genesis Jorris 11:04:00 AM

Counting down to Caregroup: 09-10-09

It's a heavy afternoon, and evening to come.
Was informed that my leader will not be at caregroup this evening,
and so I was given the opportunity to lead and plan.
There were mix feelings within me.

1. I am very excited that I can plan for my own caregroup!
2. I am just so uncertain about what's going to happen next.

And I recalled what I read yesterday:
The biggest obstacle of all in serving God is, FEAR.

It's not your limitations, it's not the circumstances, it's FEAR.
Often because we are fearful of trying things out,
we misses the opportunity to perform to our very best.
It is really not about whether do we have what it takes,
but it is about stepping out of our comfort zone and not let FEAR get a grip on us.

I realise that it is not about whether I am capable a not.
I have plan caregroups before isn't it?
I have shared to a group of more than 50 people of a workshop hadn't I?
It's not my first time sharing about giving to people am I correct?
Then why am I hesitating?

I started to think through and realise Im on the wrong track.
I'm afraid that I cannot perform as well as my other caregroup members.
I had in mind all along, they are great leaders! Who am I?
I am afraid I will just mess things up and be lost of what to do.
And if that happens, what am I gonna do?

haha. And I think I'm laughing at myself now.
The thing is: I hadn't even try. I hadn't even attempt to do it with God.
I hadn't. All because of FEAR!

I jump out in faith and planned my sharing:
It's not about the planning part, it's about the walking on water!
It will not be about me, it's going to be about Jesus.

I pray the sharing be fruitful and great.
God, open our hearts and stir in our minds.


Genesis Jorris 4:04:00 PM

I am

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